What do you do when you need a team of sitters?

Your organization is hosting a convention with out-of-town attendees. Your church or synagogue has a large holiday event scheduled. Your company is planning a weekend retreat for employees. There are a number of reasons why you’d need some awesome, professional babysitters who will allow parents the freedom to participate worry-free. Our sitters have all been carefully screened and will be chosen to fit your needs.

Thank you so much for your amazing child care services. Our friends and families were thrilled with the services you provided. – S. K. 

The fact that you guys were able to accommodate our request for a full day on Super Bowl Sunday was such an added bonus for those who wanted to attend the game but felt that the Stadium was not the ideal location for their child . You were able to provide peace, comfort and assistance to so many of our families….we are truly grateful!!! – R. C. 

On a personal note, it was a pleasure working with you. I work with thousands of people each year and your professionalism and easy personality made this initiative so easy. There are no words as to how much I appreciate that. – A. S.

Your company was Outstanding!!!! You were so helpful and organized and your sitters were friendly cooperative and always on time. I’ve done many many Regionals and Jones trips in the past, and this is the smoothest babysitting has ever gone. – J. A.

I appreciate everything you and your staff did to make it a successful weekend for the children and parents. You were great to work with. – J.S.

I just want to say that I give you and your crew an A+. You are such a quality person and I’m grateful to work with you! – T.H.

We loved your sitter. We wanted to take her back with us. – S. A.

Your staff did a GREAT JOB. Thanks for supporting our event. – C. G.

All I hear are great things, and our PRI clients really appreciate your awesome services. – K. D.

The event went very smoothly.  Your sitters made the parents feel comfortable and they were able to devote their attention to our meeting. – T.D.

Sitters were great and I appreciated that I could attend our event without having to worry about my son. We will call the next time we are in town and require care and will recommend you to others who need care when visiting Indianapolis.  – A. F.

Thank you so much for your team’s support. I always appreciate your hard work and flexibility with our organization. – L.B.

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team. – B.K.